Let's Get Woo Woo 01 | Alignment + Morning Routines

Let's Get Woo Woo 01 | Alignment + Morning Routines

Lately I've been very focused on figuring out a morning routine that will get me into alignment before I start my day. I want to do things that make me feel joyful and peaceful before I do work, because from what I've been learning about how energetic vibrations of matter work (spoiler alert: we are made of matter, so our bodies have a vibration just like everything else on the planet), raising your vibration BEFORE you work will help you achieve more effortless results. Why? Because then you aren't working against the natural flow of positive energy. You aren't working from a negative place of fear or worry, and you aren't trying to strong arm your way into success. Instead, you are getting into alignment with your higher purpose, and as a result everything will flow more easily.

7 Ways to Build a Kick-Booty Referral Network

7 Ways to Build a Kick-Booty Referral Network

As promised, we are wrapping up the three-part “Big Scary Questions” series today, and I’m so excited to talk about how to build your referral network!

5 Ways to Build a Photography Portfolio That Will Attract Your Ideal Clients

When you are first starting out as a photographer, switching gears into a new niche, or even moving cities, you may find yourself at square one without a solid portfolio. And that's ok! I've been shooting for 7 years and I found myself in this position multiple times--when I very first picked up a camera, when I switched my focus from family shoots to weddings, when I rebranded after my move to Savannah, and again when I started shooting brand photography just last year. 

I've learned a thing or two along the way about building a portfolio, and I want to share it all with you! So Part Two of our three week series on Big Scary Questions is going to tackle how exactly to build a portfolio to attract your dream clients.

And friends, I dug some photos out of the vault just for you, to show exactly when I applied these tips throughout my career so far...so get excited for entirely too many "vintage" filters (such a bad idea, but I thought it was cool at the time) and some less-than-stellar editing, but hey--we all start somewhere!

1. Shoot for Free (but not for long!)

In every one of those scenarios I mentioned above, I’ve shot for free in order to build a portfolio I'm proud of, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Because if you don’t have proof you can do something, how on earth will you convince someone to pay you to do it?

Before I EVER had paying clients, I let my friends know I wanted to practice photography, and a few took me up on it! My first shoot was a maternity shoot, and I went on to shoot a free engagement shoot and a few other freebies before I started charging.

2009: This was my very first shoot EVER!

2010: And this was the first engagement shoot I photographed!

Then when I wanted to start shooting weddings, I second-shot a ton of weddings for free, in exchange for being able to use the photos in my portfolio. It was the perfect way to get my feet wet in the wedding world and to build my portfolio at the same time! 

2010: I took this photo second-shooting for Lindsey Tropf in Gainesville, FL.

2014: I asked my friends if I could photograph them because I had changed my editing style along with my rebrand.

And this past year, when I wanted to start doing brand photography with my brandography partners in crime, Flourish Collaborative, we set up a handful of pro bono shoots for the purpose of building our portfolio. We knew we could do these kinds of shoots, but we needed PROOF.

2016: This brandography shoot for the Bare Bride was done pro bono, because we loved her company's mission, the aesthetic of her brand, and we wanted to have photos for her brand in our portfolio.

But, here’s the kicker…you can’t and shouldn’t shoot for free for very long. But that's a whole other story, so I’ll talk more about how and when to raise your prices on Facebook Live at 12:30pm today on the Apt. B page! 

2. Join Photographer Groups (or create your own!)

Years ago when I lived in Gainesville, my friend Sarah and I started a group called “For the Love”—it was a short-lived meet-up of other newbie photographers who just wanted to talk shop and shoot for fun. We would wander around downtown taking each others’ photos, and it was the perfect way to practice in a no-pressure situation. And we could learn from each other, which is a bonus! Because #communityovercompetition, right?!

2010: This photo was taken at a For the Love meet up, and now I take Debra's family photos every year when I visit Gainesville.

Then when I wanted to re-establish my style and dive back into weddings after a year of second-shooting in Savannah, again I looked for practice opportunities. I attended a local shootout—I believe it was a meeting of our local SmugMug chapter, and I saw it was open to anyone. There were three sets of models to shoot, and we all got to take turns. Again, no pressure, and I actually used a photo from that shoot as one of the header images on my site while I worked on building a wedding portfolio of actual clients. (And crazy side note—when that girl got engaged, she inquired with me! But I was booked on her date. :( Still, that goes back to getting out there and DOING things in order to find clients!)

2014: I remember clearly asking Caroline to stand here so I could get this shot for my portfolio. I had a vision for my style and brand, and I took the opportunity to capture it. 

3. Set Up Your Own Shoots

This one is along the lines of being willing to shoot for free, but setting up your own shoots is more active and more specific. Set up shoots that are very tailored to what you want to shoot, both in niche and in style, so you are showing exactly the kind of work you want to do and the kind of clients you want to book. 

2010: This was my very first attempt at setting up a shoot that was aligned with my style. And at the time, it absolutely was a great example of how I was shooting and the kind of creative shoots I wanted to book. Huge props to my co-workers for letting me put feathered headbands on them and shoot in a creepy parking garage!

2010: I asked two other co-workers if they would be willing do a trash the dress shoot in Blue Springs, and I got to refine my style even further and stock my portfolio full of dreamy, watery images.

2011: I set this shoot up along with two other photographers, and we styled it entirely ourselves. We scouted the location, used items from my apartment, and I coerced even more co-workers to let me photograph them.

2014: When I knew I wanted to re-launch my brand and target my dream clients here in Savannah, I set up a shoot with even MORE co-workers (seriously, maybe that's why I needed a full-time job all those years -- to meet my models!). I knew I wanted a flower crown and suspenders, dreamy light and some balloons, and I loved how the images turned out so much that I had some of them on my site header until early last year when I refined my portfolio even more.


2014: I traveled to Costa Rica with my dear friend Jimena, and I knew I wanted to do a shoot there to broaden my portfolio into international destinations.

4. Be Picky About What You Share Online

If you want to shoot weddings, share weddings! Don’t share newborns or families—those aren’t your target client. I completely understand needing to pay bills, and sometimes taking on shoots outside of your niche is necessary. (In fact, I still do this, guys! It’s very hard to resist an opportunity to make money, especially in the slow time between wedding seasons.) But I rarelyyyyy share a shoot that’s not a wedding or a couple, because my primary business is wedding photography. 

2016: I take photos for the Emerson family almost every year, but I don't always share them on Facebook and Instagram--not because I don't LOVE their photos, because I really do, but because I'm not focusing on booking family clients.

5. Shoot for the Client AND Yourself

I learned this lesson from Jasmine Star many many moons ago, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Even if your first few shoots or weddings aren’t exactly your target client, THAT’S OK. Why? Because you should always be shooting both for yourself and for the client. 

For example, if you are doing a newborn shoot, but you really want to shoot weddings, ask the couple if you can take a couple photos of just the two of them without the baby. They will probably be excited to have those photos, and boom—you just got a picture of a couple to share. Or if you are shooting a wedding that just isn’t the style you want to shoot all the time (maybe it's more boho chic and you want to shoot classic and glamorous, or vice versa), focus on the parts of it you can market under your style—maybe it’s a closeup of the bride and groom’s hands intertwined. Or a shot of the dad tearing up as his daughter says her vows. Look just beyond the surface, and I bet you can find SO much to shoot and share that’s exactly aligned with your brand.


2015: This photo was actually taken at a family shoot, but I made sure to get a few of the mom and dad together without the kiddos. Then I had a shot to share that would align with who I wanted to book specifically--couples!

So there you have it! Five ways you can start building a portfolio that will attract the clients you want to book. But honestly, these aren't the only five ways to do it, and I thought of two more just while I was formatting this post. So I'll be sharing two bonus ways to build your portfolio when I chat with you on Facebook Live today at 12:30pm! (YAY!) And don't sweat it if you can't catch it live, because it stays on the Apt. B Facebook page afterward. (Woo!)

Happy Monday, friend!!

Stay lovely,


P.S. You might also be interested in 5 Ways to Find Clients--and there's a really weird analogy in there you shouldn't miss!

5 Proven Ways to Find Photography Clients

5 Proven Ways to Find Photography Clients

Do you have a cup of coffee in hand? Because we are about to dive head first into Part 1 of a three-week series on Big Scary Questions, and the first question is “How the heck do I even find clients?!” (Good morning! Did that wake you up?!)

You + Me = Lunch Date?

You + Me = Lunch Date?

Last week we talked about allowing yourself to take steps backwards in your business in order to strengthen yourself mentally, physically and emotionally for a giant leap forward. But taking time off from your business brings up some scary questions that you might also have if you are moving to a new city or venturing into a new business niche…and y’all, a few years ago I was actually was faced with ALL THREE of those business challenges at once. 

How Taking A Step (or Two or Three) Backwards Could Be Setting You Up for A Giant Leap Forward

How Taking A Step (or Two or Three) Backwards Could Be Setting You Up for A Giant Leap Forward

Last Monday, I briefly mentioned a particularly difficult phase of dream-chasing: the tear-streaked, anxiety-filled, doubt-fueled phase of not-enough-sleep.

I know, I really know—it’s a tough phase to be in. And there are probably many of you reading this right now who have thought recently “do I even want my dream badly enough to doing all of this!?”

I Remember When Friday Was the Best Day of the Week

I Remember When Friday Was the Best Day of the Week

I remember when Friday was the best day of the week. The anticipation of a full weekend of freedom ahead of you was almost like Christmas Eve, and it felt like Monday was ages away. 

But you know why I used to crave Fridays and dread Mondays? Because...

Why I Chased a Feeling for Six Years

Why I Chased a Feeling for Six Years

I remember the very first time I ever shot a wedding like it was yesterday. I was a second-shooter (basically an assistant photographer) for a well-known wedding photographer in Gainesville, FL back in 2010. I could barely sleep the night before, and I spent the whole wedding day with excited butterflies. I can still picture the room the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready in, because it was the first spot we shot in that day and I couldn't believe I was really there.

And then when it was all over, I spent the drive home on such a natural high that I felt almost dizzy. I called one of my best friends on the way home, shaking with excitement and just wanting to tell someone about it this FEELING I had stumbled upon...

Wedding Consultation 101: The Why, Where, When and What

Wedding Consultation 101: The Why, Where, When and What

Client consultations are a given in my book, because how else would they know whether I was someone they wanted to spend their entire wedding day with?? Yes, that sometimes means I’m investing my time into someone who won’t ultimately book me, but my booking rate is absolutely higher for having put the time and attention into my couples from the first moment they contact me.

So, let’s talk about client consultations and there why, where, when and whats that make a wedding consultation go from formal encounter with a vendor to casual, comfortable coffee date with a new friend...

3 Tips for How to Win a Wedding Vendor Award

3 Tips for How to Win a Wedding Vendor Award

Back when I very first started shooting, I remember seeing other photographers win awards and feeling like that was an impossible feat. At the time, taking my business full time felt like a pipe dream, much less actually winning anything.

But this week, I won three awards. THREE!! I am over-the-moon excited to see my business baby validated in this awesome way, and I want to share with you the philosophies that are the reason why I went from a girl with a nice camera who had a pipe dream to a full-time award winning wedding photographer.

What Happens When Taylor Swift Doesn't Sing You Off Into the Sunset?

What Happens When Taylor Swift Doesn't Sing You Off Into the Sunset?

Have you ever noticed that the “end” of a romantic comedy is always the beginning of the actual relationship? You spend the entire movie watching the couple fall in love—you witness all the exciting moments that happen before the actual relationship even begins. You see the butterflies, the obstacles they overcome to be together, and then BAM—it ends with a first kiss, or a wedding, or some other big romantic event that signifies “making it.” 

Christa + Tim | Historic Savannah {Savannah Photographer}

When Christa + Tim are together, you can just tell it's right.

They fit each other, they compliment each other, and they really enjoy each other's company...

...and more than anything, they love each other. <3

Amanda + Lance | Pulaski Square Mini Shoot {Savannah Photographer}

Tonight's mini shoot with Amanda + Lance was pure Savannah loveliness. Sweeping oaks, a pretty braid, a couple in love, park benches and brick pathways...I didn't want it to end!! Pulaski Square is an absolutely dreamy location for photos, and I want more of you to have the chance to book a shoot here!

(Click through to book a Savannah mini shoot on Sept. 15 or Oct. 1, or a Gainesville mini shoot on Sept. 17!)


I was listening to Rob Bell's podcast ("The RobCast") this weekend, and one of his latest episodes is called "Seasons." And it's about, you guessed it--navigating the changing seasons of life. Specifically the necessity of grieving the passing of a season, even during positive changes in your life. He said that even when a really wonderful new season is beginning, it still means that we have to say goodbye to an old season--and as humans, that causes feelings of grief that need to be processed in order to be fully present and appreciative in the new season.

It was a perfectly timed episode, because this week is one of those season-changing periods in my life, and I'm feeling all sorts of mixed emotions about it.

Jimena | Sunrise Beach Trash the Dress Shoot | Delray Sands Resort {South Florida Wedding Photographer}

After Jimena booked me as her wedding photographer, one of the first things we planned was a trash the dress shoot on the beach outside Delray Sands Resort -- the place where she and Keith would begin their marriage adventure together. Jimena has been one of my best friends since I was living in Gainesville, FL just after graduating college, and she's been a willing guinea pig for many just-for-fun shoots as I built my business over the years. I wasn't surprised at all when she jumped at the chance to be up at the actual crack of dawn the morning after her wedding to catch the sunrise and play in the waves--all in her wedding dress. 

Booking Fall Mini Shoots in Savannah, GA + Gainesville, FL

Booking Fall Mini Shoots in Savannah, GA + Gainesville, FL

Hello, sweet Savannah + Gainesville friends! I am officially booking fall mini shoots, and these will close out my family shoot season for 2016. I know, I'm bummed my family photo season ends so early too, but I've got a full wedding season calling my name this fall. (YAY!) 

Click through for all the details! :)

#tbt Amy + Jeff | Forsyth Park Elopement {Savannah Elopement Photographer}

It's early January, just barely the new year. It's chilly outside. Cold enough to feel crisp and romantic, but not so cold that you want to hide indoors. 

It's a time of year most people overlook for weddings, but for Amy + Jeff, it was the perfect time to commit their lives to each other.

Morgan + Max | Morris Center Wedding {Savannah Wedding Photographer}

Morgan + Max | Morris Center Wedding {Savannah Wedding Photographer}

Morgan describes Max as her "Brad Pitt"--you know, that guy in high school who you had the biggest crush on, but you never dreamed he'd notice you, much less actually date you. But in Morgan's case, not only did she get to date her Brad Pitt, but she also gets to spend the rest of her life with him. A childhood friend turned high school crush turned husband...all the ingredients for an epic love story.