Morgan + Max | Lafayette Square + River Street Engagement | Savannah, GA Wedding Photographer

It's Throwback Thursday, so let's throw wayyyy back to high school today. Do you remember who your crush was back in those days? Of course you do! It was the boy who made the butterflies go crazy in your stomach. It was the guy you actually ran away from in the halls because the idea of actually talking to him was just too painful in the best way possible. You pined over him, doodled his name, and imagined what it would be like if you got married someday.

In Morgan's case, all of her day dreams came true. In just two months she will be marrying Max, the boy who made her high school heart pound all those years ago. And when you see how they look at each other, it will whisk you right back to those days of first kisses and hand-holding, butterflies and passed love notes. And that's a lovely place to be. <3 

Wendy Norman