#tbt Ronnie + Steve | Travel-Themed Wormsloe Anniversary Session {Savannah Photographer}

Ronnie and I had been planning her photo shoot for months. We emailed, FaceTimed, and pinned to create the perfect travel-themed photo shoot to celebrate her and Steve's two-year anniversary. On the day of the shoot, storm clouds gathered as we met outside their hotel. I told them I was still game to shoot if they were, and HECK YES they were all in. We drove to Wormsloe as it poured rain, talking and laughing, so excited to make this happen, rain or shine.

We spent the next two hours cracking up as we ran two and from the car in between bursts of rain. Sometimes we just stayed out there as it poured, and my photographer heart was just bursting as they cuddled under a clear umbrella, keeping each other warm and dry. 

Sweet friends, I will shoot for you rain or shine. (That's what camera covers are for!) Because that's what a marriage is like--making it work on the dark days and the bright. Always showing up, huddling under shelter together when it storms, and laughing your way through it. <3