Jimena | Sunrise Beach Trash the Dress Shoot | Delray Sands Resort {South Florida Wedding Photographer}

After Jimena booked me as her wedding photographer, one of the first things we planned was a trash the dress shoot on the beach outside Delray Sands Resort -- the place where she and Keith would begin their marriage adventure together. Jimena has been one of my best friends since I was living in Gainesville, FL just after graduating college, and she's been a willing guinea pig for many just-for-fun shoots as I built my business over the years. I wasn't surprised at all when she jumped at the chance to be up at the actual crack of dawn the morning after her wedding to catch the sunrise and play in the waves--all in her wedding dress. 

And goodness, am I glad she was up for it, because holy gorgeousness. It felt like I was dreaming through the whole shoot--either because I was still half asleep after shooting a wedding the night before, or more likely because one of my best friends in her wedding dress in the ocean at sunrise is one of the most magical combinations I can think of. <3