Ansley + DJ | Washington Square Mini Shoot {Savannah Photographer}

A few weeks ago, Ansley + DJ visited Savannah on the one year anniversary of their miscarriage. They lost their son at 20 weeks to Merkle Gruber Syndrome, a fatal genetic condition, and they've continued to struggle with fertility ever since.
Ansley + DJ could have kept their difficulties quiet, mourning in secret and grieving privately. But instead, they’ve chosen to be open about their journey, documenting their infertility and IVF struggles on a blog and YouTube channel
They are open with the details, good AND bad, because they know that there are other people out there struggling too. And they’ve found that if they are honest even in the hardest moments, they can bring comfort to someone else who might be going through the same thing.

And they chose to do a photo shoot as a memorial to their son because they know that their miscarriage is as much part of their story as their wedding day - a lifelong marriage will see ups and downs and everything in between, and it's all worth remembering and honoring.

Ansley said it best on her blog,

Why should photo sessions between couples be saved for only happy occasions (engagements and weddings) when marriage is everything in between that. Our marriage has been a winding path. 2 deployments, 4 moves the loss of a child and infertility struggles. All those things happen between the smiling wedding photos and Christmas cards, and I’m so glad Wendy was there to capture those moments. I will never forget my little man, and I feel now I am truly ready move on. “I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms. You are loved, you are missed, you are remembered.

As a photographer, I get to capture a lot of joy. But I also get to witness tears. I get to capture emotion, whether it's happy or sad, because that's what it means to be human.

The hard stuff and the joyful stuff. The laughter and the tears. And in Ansley + DJ’s shoot, we had a little bit of everything. ❤️

Wendy Norman