Savannah Proposal Secret | Lafayette Square Proposal {Savannah Proposal Photographer}

If you’ve been following my Stories on IG, you know exactly what a masking tape “X” on the ground means.

It means it’s surprise proposal time!

I put an X on the ground so the guy knows EXACTLY where to stand, and I do that for a couple of reasons:

ONE: It takes all the pressure off the guy to figure out where he should get down on one knee for the big moment. He’s already picked the overall spot, but once he gets there, all he has to do is keep an eye out for the X, and he’ll know he’s in the perfect position.

TWO: It lets me actually choose the perfect spot at the location he’s chosen, which ensures the best lighting and angle for me to capture the moment. If I didn’t put down the X, it risks having the guy get down on one knee somewhere with my view blocked - on the other side of a fountain, or with someone standing between us, and so on.

I want to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch, and the masking tape X works every time. ;)

EngagementWendy Norman