My Photography Style {Savannah Wedding Photographer}

Every time I’m asked about my style of photography, I say I’m a mix of “curated + photojournalistic.” Which is this photo exactly in a nutshell...but let me explain.


For most of your wedding day, I’m just a fly on the wall capturing everything as it unfolds.

But, when it’s helpful for me to step in and contribute/direct, I do! For example, when a bride is about to put her dress/shoes/earrings on, I’ll clear out the perfect spot in a room so we have a gorgeous background and ideal lighting - but then I step back and just let the moments naturally unfold.

I will never ask a bride to fake a moment or repeat an action just for the “perfect” shot. Because it’s my job to turn whatever authentically happens into the perfect shot.

In the photo of sweet Dena, her momma and maid of honor aren’t in the way of a perfect shot - they MADE this the perfect shot. It’s a real moment, frozen in time forever.

Curated + photojournalistic...that’s where the magic happens.

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