No frills, no fluff, no posing {Savannah Engagement Photographer}

This shot is the epitome of unposed...I snapped it on the way back from the sailboat styled shoot I photographed back in October.

Jeff + Kirstie had modeled for me earlier in the day, but at this moment they were just them, doing what they do together all the time. Coasting along on their skiff, looking at the marsh and soaking in the sunset. Being together, doing something they love.

This photo looks and feels real because it IS real. It’s just them. No frills, no fluff, no posing. Just a moment in time.

Apt B Photography – Savannah Engagement Photographer

So when you’re planning your engagement shoot, think about what you love to do together. It could be anything - and I’ll go (pretty much) anywhere.

Do you watch the sunset together on top of a parking garage downtown? Or sip beer on a rooftop deck as you watch container ships float down the river? Or do you love hiking at Skidaway Island State Park, or maybe you love cozy mornings at home, snuggled on the couch with your pup and some coffee.

Engagement shoots (heck, any shoots!) should look and feel like YOU. So let’s brainstorm together - what would make your shoot feel unique to your love story?

Apt B Photography – Savannah Engagement Photographer
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