Photography Tips - How to shoot a wedding at noon

I wanted to give you a quick tip for rocking a portrait at noon! This is important because sometimes you don't get to pick the perfect time of day for your weddings and portraits. So sometimes you have to battle some lighting issues!

You can always get backlighting, no matter what time it is because unless you live on the equator, the sun is never actually directly overhead. There’s always a slight angle, even at the highest point in the sky, and you can absolutely use that angle to your advantage.

We shot Megan + Aaron’s portraits at noon, and the light couldn’t have been brighter or more intense. The sun truly seemed to be directly overhead - but look closely and you’ll see it’s still technically coming from behind them.

Which means even in that spotty, patchy oak tree shade, I could get the entire front of their bodies evenly exposed and not blown out in patches all over the place. And don’t be afraid to have your couple take teeny tiny baby steps until the light evens out on them completely - it’s worth the effort, I promise!