Photography Tips - Making your clients comfortable

One of the best things I could ever hear is that a client teared up looking at their photos - because that’s when I know I captured some true magic. And that’s exactly what Ava And The Bee said when she got her new brand photos.

Let’s be honest - getting in front of the camera isn’t always the easiest thing. We’ve all got insecurities and having a camera in your face can make it feel like every one of them is on display.

But, that’s where the role of a photographer comes in! It’s our job, above anything else, to help our clients BELIEVE they are beautiful, magical beings who are worth photographing. Creating gorgeous photos helps achieve that for sure, but fostering an incredible experience is sometimes an even bigger part of the package. If your client enjoys the experience, has FUN during the shoot, and comes away feeling confident and excited, they will see their photos through that lens (no pun intended lol).

So, be their biggest cheerleader. Never ever make them think they are getting something wrong during the shoot. Play, talk, and laugh with them. Emphasize their strengths and the unique beauty they are bringing to their shoot. And ooooze confidence, even if you aren’t feeling confident. Because if you’re visibly nervous, that will get their nerves going, and before you know it, they are expecting the worst from the photos.

Do all of those things, plus a dusting of your own personality magic, and you’re setting yourself up for clients crying happy tears when they see their photos!✨

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