Plan the wedding YOU want {Savannah Wedding Photographer}

Savannah Elopement at Whitefield Chapel

I love when my couples plan a wedding that’s exactly what THEY want.

Chanda + Paul wanted to have their family with them, a classic car ride, beers and a first look at Moon River Brewing, pictures with a horse (no joke!), gorgeous oak trees over their heads, and a cake they could smash in each other’s faces. (Umm coolest couple, amiright??) You are going to love this Savannah Elopement at Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda Academy!

So instead of a giant bash, they planned an intimate wedding focused on the things that mattered to them most - the unique things that would make their wedding day both personal and FUN.

And y’all - the smiles on their faces said it all. They got it exactly right, and they loved every second of it.

I tell every couple, whether they are planning a big wedding or a small elopement, to stay true to what matters to them as a couple. No one else’s opinions matter, and it’s up to them to design a day that honors their relationship, whatever that looks like.

So if you’re planning your wedding right now, and you’re feeling pulled in a million directions by other people’s opinions, just remember - it’s your relationship. It’s your marriage. It’s YOUR wedding. It can be literally anything you want it to be, and if what you’re planning feels good in your gut - then you know you’re on the right track.