Headshot Photography {Savannah Headshot Photographer}

One of my favorite things to shoot in the months between wedding seasons is head shots. Whether it’s for a corporate job or you’re a small business owner, having a professional photo of yourself to share can make all the difference in setting you apart.

I especially love bringing out people’s personalities in their head shot shoots. Too often a “head shot” is associated with a stuffy photo that doesn’t look like YOU. But my head shot shoots are specifically designed to showcase your personality - I want you to get your photos back and see yourself smiling back, looking relaxed and happy and like the best version of yourself.

And the best part? It only takes 20 minutes AND you get to spend time outside in a gorgeous location in downtown Savannah - quick, easy and painless, and maybe even a little bit FUN! :)

Just drop me a message to book your head shot shoot today!

Wendy Norman