3 Reasons Why I LOVE Photographing Surprise Proposals in Savannah {Savannah Proposal Photographer}

Surprise proposals are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to photograph, for so many reasons!


ONE: It’s incredibly fun to talk to the guy as he plans the big moment, as I usually talk to the girl when planning photo shoots. Proposals flip the script and it’s the guy who books me, and he’s always so excited and focused on making it just perfect for her. The feelings are contagious and I’m always SO stoked to help bring his vision to life!


TWO: I love being able to share my knowledge of Savannah to help create the perfect proposal moment. It’s a blast to scheme with the guy as he figures out the perfect location and how he can get the girl there without her suspecting anything...and I’ll do anything I can to help make it effortless for him! I’ve even drawn a map to help one guy know exactly what route he should walk her into the square.


THREE: There’s so much genuine emotion flowing, and it’s so special to capture those authentic emotions as they spill over into laughter or tears or both!

Speaking of genuine emotions - HUGE congratulations to Cody + Gabriella! I captured their sweet proposal in Whitefield Square, and as you can see, she was so surprised!

EngagementWendy Norman