Tuesday Tip: Find Your Groove


Entrepreneurs are a funny bunch. We can be pretty persnickety about our working conditions, and we are easily distracted by ALL THE THINGS. (Can I get an amen??) I often sit down at the computer with a crazy long to-do list, and even though I KNOW it all has to get done today (and some of it may even be fun work!), I can't seem to focus for more than 5 minutes. (I'm half-convinced that I have adult-onset ADD. Is that a thing?)

But, I realized recently that there is a common factor at play when I have been super-focused for long periods of time--I am always listening to music! And usually I'm listening through headphones. Music makes the world slow down for me, and wearing headphones narrows my focus to the task right in front of me.

I know not everyone focuses better with music on (my mom has always been baffled at my ability to read and write with music playing), but I think everyone has something that helps them focus. Pay attention to those times when work has just effortlessly flowed for you. Was it dead silent in the room? Maybe get a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Do you find that you work better when it's warmer or colder in the room? Adjust the temperature, or if that's not an option, buy a blanket or a desk fan for your office. Maybe you do your best work outside, or sitting in an unfamiliar place. Grab your laptop and head to the park or a local coffee shop.

Find your groove! Figure out what helps you get in the flow, and then use it to your advantage.

And if you are a music person too, then maybe you'll enjoy what I've been listening to lately...