What you can learn from a little turbulence in your life.

I had an epiphany on a plane right a few weeks ago...

We hit some turbulence not long after takeoff, and I started to think about why the bumps freaked me (and most people) out so much. And the answer is because our reptilian brain (which is responsible for the fight or flight response) is feeling fear that the bumps will turn into the worst case scenario - a full on plane crash. You can’t blame it for causing adrenaline to pump through your body and making your heart race and stomach clench, because that’s a super valid response when faced with something as scary (and life-threatening!) as a plane crash.

And then I was thinking about how statistically, you’ve got a very, very good chance those bumps will NOT lead to a plane crash. In fact, it’s more or less guaranteed that you will indeed be just fine, your plane will land, and all will be ok.

So, what if you could reframe it in the moment? Tell the reptilian brain “thanks for trying to protect me, but I already know the outcome and I don’t need to waste any energy on fearing these bumps!”

I realized that even an entire plane flight filled with turbulence continuously from takeoff to landing without any breaks wouldn’t be bad at all if I could just convince myself that the outcome was already certain - I WILL be just fine and those bumps are more like potholes than a cliff. Then I would barely notice the bumps, because I had changed their meaning. No dire meaning, no need to worry!

And then I realized that’s exactly how an abundant, joy-filled life/business/relationship/you-name-it works. There will always, always be bumps. That’s just called being human. Some bumps may even make your stomach drop more than others, and maybe some are even rough enough to hurt in the moment.

But if you’re certain that you’re going to survive those bumps and get to your final destination alive and well, the cliffs start to look more like potholes, and suddenly there’s nothing left to fear. Because your success is inevitable. ✨