Why I Stopped Making New Year's Resolutions

Two years ago I stopped making New Year's resolutions. I've never kept a resolution more than a couple of days, and I realized that it was such a bummer to begin the year feeling like I had failed. So instead of making resolutions, I started making goals. With just this small change in wording, I'm setting myself up with an entire year to push towards accomplishing the goals I've chosen. A whole year!! That's oodles of time, and it makes both the big goals and small goals feel so much more attainable. For the last two years, I've spent the morning of New Year's Day at Gallery Espresso with just my journal, a pen, and a hot cup of coffee (and let's be honest, a bagel loaded with cream cheese, because I've got a whole year to accomplish any health-related goals, right? Right. :P). I spend time reading back through last year's goals, celebrating what I've accomplished by checking them off the list, and then carefully re-evaluating any goals I didn't accomplish. I don't beat myself up for missing goals--instead, I truly consider why I didn't accomplish them. Was it something out of my control? Was it just not the right timing? Is there something I could do differently next year to make it happen? Or should I just take it off the list altogether? Once I've mentally applauded myself for what I did check off the list, and kindly considered why I didn't quite accomplish the remaining items, I make a new list of goals for the coming year.

And you know what? It totally works. I already know a handful of goals that I set last year that I not only accomplished, but I SMASHED. (Can I get a woohoooo?!) I can't wait to look back over the 2015 list tomorrow morning, and I am so excited to tackle my new goals for 2016.

What kinds of awesomeness will you make happen this year? <3

Apt.BPhotography_Goals (1 of 1)
Apt.BPhotography_Goals (1 of 1)
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