Meet Wendy 


Hi, I’m Wendy!


I’m Wendy, a whimsical wedding photographer + lifestyle portrait photographer in Savannah, GA. When I’m not shooting joy-filled moments for laid-back couples who are obsessed with the Lowcountry, I love hanging out in coffee shops, doing CrossFit, walking my little pug Winston, and planning my next international adventure.

And I’m also a wedding photographer who believes your wedding is NOT the best day of your life. *gasp*

I know, I know… stick with me!


Is your wedding a mega-important day that honors your relationship in a special way? Absolutely!

Is your wedding a chance to publicly declare your love in front of your best friends and family? Yasss!

Is your wedding a chance to celebrate your relationship through thoughtful details and a sweeeet party? Heck to the yes!

But is it the best day of your life? I hope the answer is heck no, because that would mean you’re only going down from here.

I believe a wedding is actually the first day in a lifetime of epic adventures you’re going to have with your person.

It’s a beautiful way to kick off this new chapter in your story, and when you remove the pressure to make it the best day ever, then you make room for the joy...for being truly present for all the little moments...for the fun and magic of the day to actually sink in.

So, hire pros to make your day effortless, don’t sweat the small stuff, and then enjoy the heck out of this extra-special-but-not-perfect celebration with the love of your life.


Wendy Loves… 

 “She does more than take beautiful photos, she incorporates meaning into them to tell a love story.”

Allison + Jared