Posing With Personality

- on-location live posing workshop in Savannah, GA -

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019


**NEW DATE: Saturday Jan. 12, 2019**


Have you ever felt posing-panic?

We’ve all been there during a photo shoot! You know, that moment when you find yourself standing in front of a couple as they stare back expectantly, waiting to be told what to do next - and your mind goes completely BLANK…

What pose should I have them do?

Why do they look so nervous?

They aren’t doing anything - why aren’t they doing anything??

Can I sneak a look at Pinterest for some ideas without them noticing?

I’ve been there before…

…but I found a way to beat the posing-panic! And once it clicked, I stopped getting nervous AT ALL before photo shoots. 

The turning point for me was figuring out how to pose with personality. So that no matter who is in front of my camera - shy or outgoing, silly or serious - I can blend my style and their personalities to create magic that’s authentic to THEM.


You can go into your next photo shoot feeling completely confident…

…because you can learn how to pose with personality using my unique techniques of blending movement + prompts and reverse-engineering posing.

Posing with Personality Workshop 


WHERE: Downtown Savannah, GA

DATE: Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019

TIME: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

WHAT: Four hour workshop includes classroom time + 2 hours of live shoots in downtown Savannah (one engaged couple and one bride + groom)

+ You can use these photos in your portfolio!

INVESTMENT: $475 (only time this price will be offered - spring workshop will be $675)

Payment plan available - only pay $237 today to reserve your spot!

DETAILS: In the Posing with Personality Live Workshop, we will spend four hours together learning, talking, shooting and posing. I will teach you my unique techniques to blend movement with prompts and reverse-engineer poses, and you’ll go into your next photo shoot armed with all the tools you need to make sure you never have posing-panic again.

BONUS: This workshop will be recorded, and you’ll receive the workshop video included in the workshop price!

Snag your seat!

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Not sure if this is the right posing workshop for you?

I’d love to chat with you to make absolutely sure this workshop will be exactly what you need to level up your posing game. If you have any questions, just drop me an email below!

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